6 Month Plan


As we all know, all businesses have a natural ebb and flow. With the six month plan, you will be able to have a coach by your side through the toughest of situations. We will become entrenched in your business, and you will have us on call, always available by email. This package is ideal for staffing firms that are looking to grow and develop an edge over their competition.

What this package consists of:

  • Two full-day boot camps that will kick your business into high gear.  One when we start the process and the other at the conclusion of the process
  • A unique action plan with step by step details to get your company on the right track
  • Weekly Skype calls guiding you through each step of the plan
  • Unlimited email support

*We understand this is a large investment and are happy to discuss payment arrangements with you. Contact us at info@xplainconsulting.com for more information.