12 Month Plan


Ready to turn your business around? The 12-month plan is the perfect option for staffing firms looking for a partner in their business. It is like hiring a CFO for 12-months! A year gives us time to get intimately versed in all aspects of your business and allows us to develop a deep level of understanding so we can work towards your business goals and furthering the success of your company.

What this package consists of:

  • Two full-day boot camps that will kick your business into high gear.  One when we start the process and the other at the conclusion of the process
  • A unique action plan with step by step details to get your company on the right track
  • Weekly Slype guiding you through each step of the plan
  • Unlimited email support
  • Representation at external meetings
  • Negotiation support

*We understand this is a large investment and are happy to discuss payment arrangements with you. Contact us at info@xplainconsulting.com for more information.